Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spotty Posting Ahead

I'm on travel in California (the LA area to be more precise) for work this week, so my blog posts will most likely be spotty.  Sorry bout that!

As for this past weekend, my dual party schedule on Saturday was a wild success.  The early Thanksgiving was delicious and the costume party was insanely awesome.  For the Thanksgiving party, my friend R made the turkey with this Alton Brown recipe that J and I used to use.  The secret is the turkey triangle and the meat thermometer.  It never fails to turn out a perfect bird, so if your looking for a new turkey recipe, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Foods I supplied to the party included some of my spiced cider with rum.  B made the suggestion that I let the cider cook overnight in the crockpot instead of making it on the stove and it has changed my life!!!  The recipe I used for that is here.  I also made my stovetop stuffing hack (add ground sausage and dried berries to the stuffing and cook with chicken stock instead of water) and roasted acorn squash.  As for the halloween shindig, once B sends out party pics, I'll be sure to share some of the highlights, but the jello shots were a hit (I used the fuzzy navel recipe here), flip cup, beer pong, and corn hole were a blast, everyone had great costumes, and we all ended the night in the hot tub!  Sunday, as predicted was strictly a recovery day (alcohol dehydrates me SO much more now than it did when I was younger.  sigh....) and a packing day for my trip.

I flew out to Cali this morning and had my afternoon evening free, so I explored the cute "downtown" area of Pasadena and then met up with my good friend Br and his wife and daughter for dinner.  SO great to catch up with old friends!

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