Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cocktail Carrier

While my dream bar cart (pictured above) is sadly WAY out of my price range, I have found a couple of suitable alternatives that I'm considering for my new place.  My parents are chipping in on my newest addition to my home as a part of my holiday present, which means I do have a little more leeway regarding price, though.  Here are a couple of the options I've been eyeing:
They all fall within the Hollywood Regency/Mid Century Modern design aesthetic that I love, but I can't seem to decide what material to go for.  The lucite option is freaking fantastic, but it's pick up only in Ft Meyers, Florida which makes it less than convenient.  I've been eyeing the two gold versions in the upper right and lower left for a while, but I'm considering getting some brass shelving for the same room and I don't want a gold overload, so I'm not completely sold on them.  And the wood version is just classic MCM and would go with all of my other furniture, but since it will share a room with my dining room set and my piano I worry that it will be too much wood.  Sigh.  Decisions, decisions.....

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