Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm a Bum

Well, my desire to spend most of the weekend in bed, lounging around, and just generally doing nothing did in fact come to fruition.  It was awesome.  I did read and finish a book as well, so check another item off of my weekend to do list.  I did not get around to gift making, but I rationalize that by saying that I did do some brainstorming for said gifts, and since most of the gifts are food based, I didn't want to worry about them breaking during the move or spoiling before the holidays.  So there. 
 I also did  not make it to the sidewalk painting festival, but I did venture out of the house for a bit on Saturday night to check out a new-to-me bar called Hughes Hangar with some friends, and we had a blast!  They have a really fantastic outdoor space and the dj was playing some great dance music.  It's technically supposed to be a gastropub/speakeasy inspired bar, but we didn't really take full advantage of that during this trip.  But you know me - I love me some great food and prohibition era cocktails, so I'll definitely be venturing back out here to get the full impact of their menu!

In other news, my cousin got engaged on Friday night to his awesome girlfriend, so the family will have another big wedding event coming up in the next year!  I'm so excited for them and for said awesome girlfriend (now fiance) to join the family!  Congratulations you two!

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