Friday, November 2, 2012

Have a Delightful Weekend!

Well first thing's first, Atlantis made its way today to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Center for it's permanent display.  It's the last shuttle to become a decorative fixture in a museum and I have to say I find the idea just completely depressing.  NASA tried to make a happy event out of it, though, and had local high school marching bands parading with the vehicle as it traveled past onlookers and down the road.

Well a parade isn't going to cheer me up.  But a party will.  And since I have two parties this weekend, involving copious amounts of food, friends, and alcohol, I think I'm going to manage just fine!  In a weird twist of the calendar, I have an early Thanksgiving shindig with friends on Saturday afternoon.  We'll be playing board games, watching college football, and eating lots of food.  After a short nap in which I hope to sleep off the remaining effects of my tryptophan induced post-meal turkey coma, I'll be heading over to B's house to help prep for last minute Halloween party decorating.  What's that, Thanksgiving before Halloween!  That's how I roll people.  The costumes-required party that I am co-hosting with B on Saturday night will have a dart tournament, flip cup, homemade guac and other snackables, hot tubbing, and of course my seasonal yearly contribution of alcoholic gummy worms.  Sunday will obviously be a recovery day. 

(photo above from NASA's facebook page)

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