Friday, September 14, 2012

Have A Fun Weekend!

After a super busy week at work plus all of my afterwork activities such as going to the gym, cooking, and driving into town twice, once for my knitting class and once for a baseball game, I'm super glad the weekend is here and I can at least attempt to catch up on my sleep.  I didn't mention the game in yesterday's post because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to tie baseball in with NASA's awesomeness, so I'll show you some of the Wednesday night fun today!
I talked a handful of friends into going to the Astros vs Cubs game after I found a Groupon deal for the tickets.  We got to enter the park early to watch batting practice, which included ducking foul balls and then hunting them down in the stands to keep.  Then before the game started we waited next to the field with our scavenged baseballs and got players signatures!  I only got to ask for one Cubs' player's signature (Dave DeJesus) after he rescued me from a rogue foul ball.  My friends got a bunch of Astros' players signatures, but I was a bit of a Chicago snob and didn't go for those...
The game itself wasn't great baseball - neither team has been doing that good this season.  In fact, the stadium was only about 1/10 full, if that, and there were almost as many Cubs fans there as there were Astros.  Kinda sad.  It was glaringly obvious that Minute Maid Park is no Wrigley Field - Cubs fans will go regardless of how crappy the team is doing because they're die hard fans who love the atmosphere.  Though I did find the Texas team's tradition of playing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" during the 7th inning stretch to be charming.  Regardless of the lack of team spirit, my friends and I made our own fun and had a great time.  Plus the Cubs won!
As for my weekend plans, tonight I'm headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for a Lab Geek evening event complete with food trucks, drinks and a live band!  And tomorrow night I'm dining with some friends and then babysitting for them so they can head out for a movie night.  Other than that, I plan to cook some zucchini patty pitas, whip us some hummus, bake mini coconut bread loaves, maybe try a mini DIY project or two, catch up on a serious backlog of magazine and book reading and, of course, get lots of sleep...

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