Friday, September 21, 2012

Have a Fantastic Weekend

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a performance by the Houston Symphony Orchestra with a coworker (his wife actually sang in the choir (!), so we got free tickets).  The music was part two in their Best of Brahms series and it was played/sung brilliantly.  Upcoming shows include the performance of James Bond and other spy movie themes, the hits of the musical Wicked, Chicago, Phantom, etc, and my personal favorite and the one I can hardly wait for, a live performance of the score of West Side Story while the movie plays!  So excited with my new musical discovery!

So now that my busy week is finally over, including my last knitting class, my first trivia night, all of the recent shuttle excitement (btw, I get super bummed all over again every time I'm reminded that these incredible machines will never launch again), and my moment of pseudo classiness at the orchestra, it's time to revel in the nothingness of the weekend.  Do you have any fun plans?  I have some birthday celebrations to attend for a friend, there's Ohio State football, and my favorite, vegging on the couch!

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