Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Morning Boost

I don't drink coffee, cappuccino, or any variation thereof  - it's a bit too strong and bitter for me, and I'm not at all a fan of the aftertaste.  This rocket espresso cup that I found on pinterest this morning has me reconsidering, though.  It's really expensive for what it is, but I'm ridiculously obsessed with it.  Thinking I may get one as a jewelry catch all and just stick with my morning tea.  In which case....
RIGHT?!?  Do you see them?  The tiny little rockets that orbit the tea kettle when the water is hot?  Isn't it SO perfect?!  They were made in 1999 by Kamenstein and, naturally, Alton Brown has one.  And now that I've discovered them I'm desperate for one of my own.  Too bad they're discontinued and practically impossible to find.  I've also seen these before and figured that I'd get one as a consolation prize:
 Such a cute little rocket shaped tea ball!  Too bad I can't seem to find these anywhere anymore either... the caffeinated world is conspiring against me!!!

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