Monday, July 23, 2012

Francophile Redux

I've wanted to go to Paris for sometime now.  And I've always loved the 20's - the Art Deco style, flapper fashion, and general rebellion to the stuffiness of the 1800's and early 1900's made for some incredible art, music, fashion, architecture, and literature.  So the culmination of these in Midnight in Paris made the movie a definite winner in my book.  After a lovely Saturday in town doing foodie thing (Revival Market has delicious food and I'm cooking up my major meat purchase there tonight - I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow), I went home and just vegged out for the rest of the night with Domino (actually not a horrible movie - Choco and Domino are hot...) and Midnight in Paris while noshing on my leftover gruyere, ham, and carmelized onion grilled cheese sandwhich from lunch.  While the grilled cheese was amazing, the highlight of the evening was definitely Midnight.
I loved the message of the movie.  Marion's character's wardrobe was incredible.  And the soundtrack was classic 20's and French stereotypes, but I immediately pulled it up on Real Rhapsody after the movie ended and proceeded to listen to it for the remainder of the night while I did chores around the house.  Now all I want to do is go buy a bunch of flapper dresses and filigree jewelry, listen to Cole Porter all day, stare at Picasso paintings, and fly to France...

(pictures from here and here)

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