Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awesome Little Skull DIY's

Ever since my friend L took me to this crazy little art shop downtown that's basically a thrift store for art supplies and I discovered these tiny little skull beads, I've been 100% completely obsessed.  I discovered that you can buy them in "bulk" in every color imaginable on etsy, here, which I of course did.  I've found some great DIY inspiration for them, and even created one little project on my own.
The first was my Day of the Dead necklace.  I used headpins to thread the skull beads and also some accent beads, and then used round nosed plier tool to create a loop at the top. I then attached them to a store bought length of chain with jump rings and finished it off with a clasp on one end and another jump ring on the other.  I'm thinking I may want to move the skulls a little closer and add another one or two to each end to make a slightly closer approximation of my inspiration piece, but the first draft did turn out pretty incredible.  Don't think I could pull off wearing this to work though...
This cute little bracelet is far more work-appropriate.  It was made with very similar materials to the necklace except this time I used an eyepin to attach the bead, so I only had to make one loop with the wire. I used the same chain, clasp, and jump ring to finish it off. 

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