Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eventful Week!

There's been a lot going on around here!!!  Last weekend my parents were in town and we had such a good time with them!  Lots of long walks through the neighborhood with the pup (my mom and Pandora were enamored with eachother), as well as dinner out with S's parents, a meet up with my Aunt B and her adorable new puppy Buddy for lunch, a night out at the theater (an early b-day present from S, we went to see Bad Jew, which was very well acted and thought provoking), and a Sunday potluck brunch with a great group of friends.  It wasn't a super active weekend, in fact it was sort of relaxing.  Overall we had such a good time!

This week I've been on console at work and there's been a LOT going on.  Systems failing, meetings to approve big new projects, status-ing all of the managers, etc.  I'm not complaining, though, as I enjoy feeling useful and it definitely makes the day go by faster.  It's also the reason this is a rather short blog post, though.  Last night Pandora had her final test in her beginner training class and (of course) she passed!  We rewarded her by forcing her to endure the torture of wearing graduation cap  while being photographed.  Now we have a week off of training before we start her intermediate classes where she will learn how to heel!  Can't wait!!

And I'd like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes as well!  I'm keeping it low key this year, nothing too exciting.  My morning started off with lots of snuggles, which was wonderful.  At work today I supported repairs to the space toilet and am currently staring at a plot waiting for the astronauts to empty their bladders.  Totally serious.  I'm waiting for people to pee.  S asked me where he should take me for dinner tonight and I told him I wanted to stay home and eat bread and gourmet cheeses for dinner.  So I guess the cheese part is sort of exciting.  To me at least.  Mmmm, cheese....

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