Thursday, May 14, 2015

So Wonderfully Exciting!

My apologies for being MIA for half of May, but there's been some excitement - B had her babies!!!  The twins were born on Wednesday, May 6 and are both healthy and content!  And therefore I have been whipped into an "honorary aunt" and "hopefully helpful friend" frenzy.  I've been cooking/baking like crazy to make sure the new parents don't go hungry.  Their freezer is currently stocked with black bean enchiladas, chicken spaghetti casserole, spring vegetable minestrone soup, my grandma's chicken soup, my mom's chili recipe, a shepherd's pie, and this shredded pork, which was delivered with tortillas, salsa, and avocado to make tacos.  I also made B some of these lactation cookies.  I'm so happy for them and of course I show my happiness through food!

Other than baby news, we've started up Pandora's intermediate training lessons.  She's already partially on her way to learning "heel" and we're also working on getting her to listen to commands with distractions (aka, squirrels).  She really is such a smart and happy dog and we're keep saying how lucky we are that we found her!  We reward her for her good work by taking her with us to dog friendly restaurants (she LOVES making friends), trying out new dog parks, and giving her fun new squeaky toys that are most definitely not allowed in the bedroom at night.

That's about it for now.  In honor of the two new additions to B and J's household, I present my new favorite YouTube video, an Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle:

(top image from B and J's baby shower invite, as created by the ReigningParties Etsy shop)

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