Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy April!

Ok, I totally dropped the ball last week on blog posts - it's been busy around here!  Can you believe it's already 1/3 of the way through April?!?  Let's jump to 2 weekends ago.  S and I packed up the car up on Thursday, March 26 with our weekend bags and a crap load of dog supplies, turned the back seat of my car into a dog bed, and road tripped it to Mississippi to visit my brother D and his fiancee B!  It was Pandora's first big car trip and she was a champ!  She's not really the type of dog that loves being in the car and has her head shoved out the window the whole time, but she doesn't seem to mind it either.  She just hunkered down and napped in the back seat for most of the time.  We had such a fun weekend with D and B.  Lots of tasty food, spending some good quality time together, and we even helped them pick out their wedding venue!
Out for prohibition-style cocktails in a hidden speakeasy
Acting goofy at Target :0)
While the drive to Mississippi isn't horrible, it still added up to 14 hours of driving, so we were pretty exhausted last week after our trip.  On top of that, last week was chock full of meetings at work (S has been super busy lately), Pandora's training classes (she's been to 3 so far), and trying to eat healthy after a weekend of amazing tasting but not exactly good-for-you foods.  On Friday S and I celebrated the start of Passover with a slightly modified version of my grandma's Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls - the soup turned out amazing, the matzo balls not so much though (they were falling apart...)
It's basically memories of Grandma in bowl form...
On Saturday, S spent most of the day enjoying himself at the autocross while I spent most of my day sending texts about bridesmaid dresses.  It is definitely difficult for B to coordinate the dresses for her wedding party when we're all located in different states.  The search for the perfect dress still continues, but I took a break from it on Saturday evening when S and I meet up with my friend R and his girlfriend C for dinner at Green Seed Vegan (food was very good!) and then to see Alton Brown Live!!!
At Alton Brown Live!!!
While I've always enjoyed Alton Brown's (AB's) show Good Eats, he sometimes comes across as somewhat cheesy and kitschy, but it doesn't matter because he knows his food science and that will always keep me coming back.  In his Live show though he is an AMAZING showman!  He rapped (!!!), sang, told hysterical stories about his personal food history, made carbonated chocolate ice cream on stage in 10 seconds with a standard fire extinguisher, cooked pizza in 3 minutes with a mega-easy bake oven made of stage lighting, and cracked numerous jokes about other Food Network personalities that were spot on!  We enjoyed ourselves so much!

On Sunday we went to S's brother's house for a crawfish boil and to spend time with the family.  And on Monday I caught a flight to California for some work travel.  Due to delays in the project, I didn't get back to Houston until 1 am on Wednesday night and so I was, understandably I think, exhausted yesterday.  Today I'm finally back up to speed on things and looking forward to relaxing with S and the pup tonight.  It will be short lived though.  Tomorrow S is heading to Austin for the MotoGP (it's his standard annual guys weekend with some friends) while I will be spending my day trying on more bridesmaid dresses, meeting up with my Aunt for lunch, doing some grocery shopping in town, and helping my friend B decorate the nursery for the upcoming arrival of her twins!  Sunday S and I are throwing a premiere party for season 5 of Game of Thrones, complete with a GoT themed potluck dinner.  So it's a busy weekend coming up too!

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