Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring 2015 Wish List

Clockwise from top left: Dress | Starburst Ring | Ankle Boot | Cropped Jeans | Tassel Mid Heels | Lacy Top | Sneakers | Gold Choker | Midi Skirt | Turquoise Ring | Tassel Sandals | Embroidered Tunic

It definitely seems like I'm craving a more bohemian aesthetic for spring this year, which I guess isn't that far off from the 70's trend that's been deemed the "it" look of the season.  When I was younger I always used to claim I was born in the wrong decade that I should have been a child of the 60s not the 80s and I think I'm veering back into some vintage obsessions again (not that I every really stopped fully...), although I like to think they're a bit more sophisticated this time around.  I confess that I already bought a pair of the purple and black suede mid heels with the turquoise tassels as a little present to myself with my work bonus this year, but I had to include them in this list because they were by far my biggest fashion craving for spring.  That red print dress is pretty much my ideal beach cover up so I'm thinking that will definitely find its way into my wardrobe this year too.  And that ring is not even close to being in my budget, but I've been obsessed with that style ever since Cameron Diaz's character wore a similar one in the move The Sweetest Thing (the ring was probably the best thing about the entire film...).  One day.  With an upcoming trips to vising my brother in Mississippi and to NYC with my friend R, most of these items will probably remain relegated to the wish list though.  I always love a new shoe or bauble, but I'd much rather spend my time traveling and being with friends and family!

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