Friday, March 13, 2015

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Did you see the absolutely amazing Zoolander 2 annoucment made at the Valentino Paris Fashion Week show?!?!?  It made my day and my week.  Every time I see a post or picture about it I smile.  Just awesome!  I posted the video below for your viewing enjoyment, as well as the video where they actually play their characters in a meet up with Anna Wintour (the editor in chief at Vogue) before the show.  So good. Can you believe it's been almost 15 years since the first movie???

In other movie news, the little girl in me is so excited to see the new Cinderella movie.  The logical adult side of me kind of hates the story of Cinderella, the girl who doesn't do anything to save herself but sits by idly waiting for her fairy godmother and prince to rescue her.  But from the previews it looks like the new Cinderella has at least a little spunk.

Weekend plans include a pedicure, onesie decorating, and dinner with my friend B tonight.  Tomorrow we're going to an Escape the Room event with a group of friends.  Have you heard of them?  You get locked into a room filled with clues for an hour and have to try to answer all of the clues to find keys and more clues, etc in order to escape.  We're pretty excited!  And on Sunday we're tackling the backyard to try to make it dog-ready (we're missing a fence on one side, need to fill a hole under the fence, and there is some overgrown landscaping that needs to be scaled back).  Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

Here's the Valentino show (you only really need to watch the first minute):

And here's the backstage interview with Anna Wintour:

So good...

And a few more fun links for your weekend:
  • What happens when you put away your cell phone for a week (it's good!)
  • Have you heard about this effort to put a woman's face on U.S. currency?  Think about it - all of those important men being recognized but not one woman.  And Susan B. Anthony doesn't really count since her coin is no longer minted and is rarely used.  Let's put a woman on our $20 bills!  Go to the site to vote on your top 3 contenders from their list!
  • There's a Back to the Future documentary in the works that looks really cool!  Just in time for the 30 year (!!!  anyone else feeling old?!?) anniversary!

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