Friday, March 6, 2015

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Sorry I've been silent all week, but I've been miserably sick with a nasty sinus infection since Tuesday.  Bleh.  It came on super fast - I woke up Tuesday morning with a sore throat and by 2 pm I was full on sick.  I took Wednesday off of work, but with an active doggie in the house rest wasn't really super easy to come by.  I got acupuncture on Wednesday to help with the intense swelling in my sinuses and since then I've been loading up on Airborne, Tylenol Sinus, and some herbal pills that my acupuncturist recommended called "Breathe Natural".  Don't know how much the herbal stuff is actually helping, but I will say that as of about 30 minutes ago I can finally breathe through my nose again.  So that's something.  I'm hopefully I'll be back to nearly normal by tomorrow since I'm throwing a baby shower for my friends J and B!
And an update on pup - she's doing great!  The kitties have finally stopped hiding all the time.  They're hardly BFFs with Pandora yet, but they mostly tolerate each other.  We took Pandora to the vet last weekend and learned that she's probably closer to about 1.5 years old than 2, which explains all of the puppy energy she still has.  We've been taking her to the dog park every few days to help work some of it off and get her socialized with other dogs.  When I didn't have the energy to take her for a walk on Wednesday because I was feeling crappy, I took her to the dog park instead and she made a new friend who taught her how to roll in mud puddles, so that was fun.  She's been pretty good about listening and learning new commands, but we've decided to sign her up for training classes that start at the end of the month too.  I grew up with impeccably trained dogs and am hoping to get Pandora to that point eventually too. She is also a total snuggle bug (see picture above).  She loves to sit next to us and will frequently just plop her butt down on my lap when I'm sitting on the floor.  Such a sweetheart!  We're definitely loving the new addition to our little family!

This weekend during the baby shower we're planning to take her to S's parents' house for a sleepover with their dog Mojo.  Last weekend she did squeeze out the front door when I opened it and took a happy little jaunt down the street.  Only reason I got her back in the house is a couple of kids on bicycles freaked her out and then the neighbor helped me corner her.   I was not thrilled.  So with baby shower guests coming in and out of the house all day on Saturday, we didn't want to chance her sneaking out the door again.  We are planning to ask S's parent's to watch her in the future when we go on trips anyway, so this is a good test day.  They have a huge yard for Pandora to run around and play in along with a dog of their own to keep her company, so we're hoping she enjoys the little vacation.

Baby shower activities are going to take up my entire day tomorrow (it's going to be so much fun!), so Sunday is going to just be a clean up and relax day.  Especially since I've been sick all week, I could definitely use some low-key recovery time.  I'm definitely looking forward to a fun weekend!

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