Friday, November 21, 2014

Have a Lovely Weekend!

Well Autumn came to Houston momentarily over the last week with temperature dipping down into the 30s at night and hovering in the 50s during the day and it was amazing.  We enjoyed snuggling under blankets, wearing boots and sweaters (more me than S, admittedly), and cooking up thick and hearty soups for dinner.  That is now over with as temperatures this weekend are flying into the upper 70s again!  I feel a bit disappointed, but since the weather in Chicago is down in the brutal 20s and 30s (although you Chicagoians get a minor heat wave to a high of 48 over the weekend too!), I feel like I should just shut up and enjoy it.  With the exception of a scatter of brown leaves on the ground, everything here is still pretty much green anyway so we might as well regress back to summer....

So since I'm trying to see the glass half full on this, we are planning to take advantage of the warm uptick in the weather and spend some time outside this weekend.  On Saturday we are headed to the north side of the city so S can use his birthday gift, 3 laps on an autocross track in a Ferrari or Lamborghini.  There's a 90% chance of rain on Saturday, though, so we're really hoping it will hold off until after his runs are complete.  Afterwards we're hoping to hit up Southern Star Brewery, as it's been on S's list for a while and we'll (sort of) be in the area anyway.

Sunday is going to be the first free day I've had in weeks.  We have absolutely nothing planned and so I'm hoping to fit in a combination of just vegging (reading magazines, watching movies, etc), going for a bike ride in our neighborhood, and getting some stuff done around the house like re-potting my little citrus trees and mulching the front yard.  See, definitely glass half full/taking advantage of the weather!

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