Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014 Recap

Four parties in two and a half days and we were still productive at home!  What a weekend!  We started it off on Friday night with some party hopping to two Halloween parties.  Our costumes of choice this year?  Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction.  You can see why I had to come up with a different costume to wear to work on Friday as my official costume this year was not quite work appropriate (hello overdose nose bleed...).
We got a lot of compliments on our costumes (a random lady stopped us in the liquor store to take our picture), which was nice since we put a lot of thought into the details.  S got some drawn on sideburns and a widow's peak as well as a gold hoop earring that we scotch taped to his ear, and a toy gun that he borrowed from his nephew.  I got 90's make up, Chanel Vamp-colored nail polish, a tiny baggy of white powder(ed sugar), and a bloody nose dotted with tiny remnants of white powder.  We watched the movie on Wednesday to get our dance moves down too! 
The parties were a lot of fun, all of the hosts really went all out on some fantastic Halloween decorations and food!  The stand outs at the first party included the host's AMAZING homemade Loki costume and their homemade Battleshots game (both above) which I had never heard of before.  The second party went dark with their decor including a mock up of a Dexter-style kill room that also served as the food buffet (sadly no pictures of that one, but they also did an incredible job).
On Saturday we slept in and it was amazing.  We got up briefly to make breakfast egg sandwiches, which we proceeded to eat in bed and then we remained in bed until noon.  The kitties were in heaven with all of the snuggles.  In the afternoon we headed out to S's best friend's son's 1st birthday party.  And it was some party!  They had a bounce house/slide for the kids as well as games, delicious homemade tacos, an awesome cake, and even a pinata.  It was all shark-themed and they did a great job!
Here's the birthday boy in action whacking away at the shark pinata.  They also had a pin the fin on the shark game, a coloring table with undersea creatures (which naturally I partook of along with the other 8 year old girls), and awesome little take home bags for the kids.  We may have swiped a game of Go Fish and played for a bit during the party...  After the party we went home to grab a quick bite to eat and change back into our costumes and then we made our way to the fourth party of the weekend.
We met up with yet another group of friends to party it up Halloween-style.  This party included beer pong, some great conversation around a fire pit, a delicious punch that did not taste like it had any alcohol in it (it did), and the evening ended with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity.  We left at the second 1:00 am (the trick of daylight savings) happy and exhausted.  On Sunday morning we basically repeated Saturday morning except I whipped up some spinach, onion, and ham omelets instead of breakfast sandwiches.  After we finally crawled out of bed, we had a super productive day including doing three loads of laundry, stocking up on sale Halloween candy, getting groceries for the week, cleaning the kitchen, and we ended our weeeknd by having S's brother K and his son over for dinner.  Yet another fantastic weekend in the books!

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