Monday, November 24, 2014

An Unexpected Weekend

We wound up having a much different weekend than we'd planned on, but it was still quite enjoyable and surprisingly productive!  On Friday we celebrated 2 birthdays, the first in our friend's backyard gathered around a fire pit, drinking beers, and snacking on a delicious pork loin.  The second was in town where we met up at Tacos a Go Go for dinner and then proceeded to A Fistful of Soul, a monthly event at Big Top Lounge with plenty of oldies and soul music. Lots of fun dancing and chatting with friends!

On Saturday S's autocross event got rained out - boo!  So instead we slept in a bit, ran some errands (hardware store, book store, and groceries), and then when the rain really started coming down we cuddled up on the couch with some hot cocoa and 80's movies.  I whipped up some tacos for dinner and we ended the night with more movies and some spiked hot cider.  It was so nice to just relax!!!

On Sunday we slept in for a little while as well and then got to work outside.  The temperature was in the low 70s and the sky was blue, blue, blue, so it was an ideal day for yard work.  I finally got my little citrus plants into some bigger, more permanent containers (see above) and I love the pretty blue pots we selected!  We also re-mulched the front landscaping to make sure the plants are all properly insulated for the "winter", put down more rocks around the front walk way, pulled weeds (and in the process discovered a HUGE fire ant pile in the middle of the flowers.  luckily I only got one bite...), and trimmed some of the trees back a bit.  Eventually the few mosquitoes that were still alive managed to find me and I ran across a fuzzy white caterpillar that looked suspiciously like one of THESE horrifying creatures (I'm traumatized....), not to mention we were just straight up exhausted, so we headed back into the house.  That evening I made salmon burgers from HEB along with our favorite kale salad and some delicious yucca fries and we had a Boardwalk Empire binge. 

Overall a surprisingly productive and fun weekend!

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