Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a Weekend!

It was quite a long weekend!  We started off Friday with dinner at Cottonwood - a fun, mostly outdoor bar and restaurant up in the Heights area and then called it a night somewhat early so we could hit the ground running the next day.  What for,  you ask?  To hit up the Memorial Day sales to get a new refrigerator and dryer for S's new house.
It took longer than planned to get this accomplished as, naturally, the fridge and dryer we liked were not located in the same stores.  C'est la vie.  We ran around and got the purchases figured out (the appliances arrive at the end of the week, at which point the house will be fully functional!) and then made our way back into town to check out the Picasso Black and White exhibit at MFAH. 
The works were quite varied from rudimentary sketches to outlines that had clearly been painted on a white surface that was painted over another painting, to classic portraits, to classic Picasso.  The exhibit spanned multiple rooms and covered the progression of Picasso's works through his life.  We quite enjoyed it!

That evening we finally made it to Brooklyn Athletic Club for dinner.  We drive past it all the time and each time say "we need to go there" and so finally we went there!  The food was a little pricy but quite tasty.  The real draw, however was the combination of the firepits where you could cook up your own smores for desert and the croquet and bocce ball courts!  We're thinking next time we'll head back here and just get a few drinks and play a few games!
Sunday we made our now traditional jaunt to Eatsie Boys for their "anything goes" Sunday Brunch.  S got the banana and nutella french toast topped with a scoop of their homemade carmelized banana ice cream.  He basically had desert for breakfast.  I got the bagel platter with an everything bagel, cream cheese, and their homemade raspberry jam.  We've never gotten anything here that we didn't like.  They even have good granola and yogurt.  Granola!!!  The rest of the day we went our own ways to get stuff done around our respective homes.  I ran some errands and while I was out picked up a new pair of sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack (these, but SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper), a new dress from Old Navy (mine was only $17!), some knobs from Anthropologie for a furniture DIY project (I'm using this one, but I'm OBSESSED with these so I got 2 of them as well), craft supplies, and stuff for dinner (I made this avocado salad). 
I spent the rest of my day crafting - more on this project to come next week.  And then S came back over and we hunkered down to watch the new season of Arrested Development.  We LOVED the first three seasons, but we're not completely sold on season 4 yet.  We're 3 episodes in and think (hope) it's just set up at this point.  Also, what is up with Lindsey?!  She looks completely different!
On Monday we were really psyched to finally go to St. Arnold's Brewery for their new weekday lunch.  They only started offering the lunches a few months ago and the first few weeks it sold out!  It wasn't cheap ($20) but it came with salad, a beef stew topped with a horseradish mustard cream, a pecan pie desert, and unlimited beer and root beer.  A handful of friends met us there and we all played Cards Against Humanity, dice, spoons (with knives.....) and ate up the good food.  It was actually better than the weekend tours because there were far less people and therefore far less noise and crowding.  We're thinking we may have to take a half day off of work in the future and try it out again!  After lunch we did some black light mini golf and go karting and then eventually made our way back to S's place for the night. 

Overall it was a busy, fun, productive weekend and we enjoyed it quite a bit!

(Cottonwood pic from here, picasso pic from here, banana stand pic from here)

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