Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mid-week Stretch

Not too much to report lately.  We successfully moved all of S's furniture into the new house over the weekend (he had a LOT of awesome friends show up to help.  some brought extra trucks and so we got it all done in just one trip!)  Now we're making minor updates (fixing a couple of pipe connectors, electrical outlets, etc), unpacking boxes, trying to get internet set up (why is this always so difficult?!?!?), and figuring out where everything should go.  We've made some good progress, but it's also a little exhausting. 

On Sunday we took a break to walk to a nearby friend's house.  I saw my first episode of Game of Thrones and can see how it's so addictive.  I think S and I are going to try to catch up on the previous seasons so we can join our friends' viewing parties again in the future.  And last night we took another break to go to a trivia night with friends.  This was after I arrived back at my place only to discover my AC was broken.  Yay.  Luckily my new management company actually answered the phone when I called and they got a repair guy out there ASAP.  The AC is now working again, though I think it will take some time for the humidity in the house to dissipate.  The plus side?  This is the first AC repair in about 8 years that I haven't had to pay for myself...  watch, now the AC in my FL townhouse will crash just to punish me for that comment...

In the meantime, it seems like time at work is DRAGGING.  There's so much I want to do at my place and S's house and therefore my afternoons seem to be endless.  Hoping 4:30 comes around more quickly than it has been.

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