Friday, May 17, 2013

Have Wonderful Weekend!

Yea, I'm pretty sure that when it comes to moving furniture, I'm more of the latter.  And speaking of, I will be spending my weekend helping S move the last of his things into his new house!  We've already moved most of the smaller stuff including small tables and shelves.  And last night we tackled moving the bed (mattress and boxspring only) and we were able to sleep in the house for the first time!  We've just been in moving mode, so after we get all of the bigger pieces moved tomorrow (S agrees that I'm probably more along the lines of  "not helping at all" when it comes to the big pieces, so he kindly offered me the job of "door holder"....)  we'll spend most of the remainder of the weekend unpacking all of the boxes and getting stuff set up.  It's a lot of work and super exhausting (all I've wanted to do these last two days is just take a nap...), but it's also so exciting! 

(picture from here)

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