Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet or Savory?

I've been wanting to make a galette for a while now.  I had one for the first time years ago on my trip to France when K and I went to the tiny old medieval village of Perouges.  I've since learned how ridiculously easy they are (especially if you buy pre-made pie dough!)  Today's post at Fig & Fauna, a recipe for a plum galette, has inspired me to finally try out this rustic approach to pie making.  I love the idea of using a stone fruit and some sort of nut.  I also love this idea for adding a thin layer of ricotta (or maybe marscapone!) to the bottom too.  And since this is free form, I can make it any size I want so I won't over indulge on sweet pie goodness.
On the other hand, Aran over at Cannelle et Vanille also has some great savory galette recipes as well, like this one for a Crispy Mushroom, Potato and Blue Cheese Galette.  Then I won't necessarily feel like I'm killing my diet with baked goods since it's an actual meal!  Although I'm thinking that I might try using her galette method, but switching out the mushrooms, potatoes and blue cheese for the filling ingredients from her Roasted Beet and Purple Potato Tarte Tatin with Carmelized Fennel and Gruyere, because I can't really imagine anything tasting much better than beets, fennel and gruyere.  I'm drooling already.

So which should I try?  Sweet or savory?  Hmmm, or maybe both...

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