Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Best Maxi-Dress Ever!

I've spent months combing stores and the internet for a perfect maxi dress.  I wanted something that was comfortable, didn't make me look like I was pregnant (so no empire waist), that also was casual enough to wear on the weekends.  Part of the problem I was running into was a lot of the maxi dresses I was trying on were very formal looking due to the length.  It was starting to get pretty hopeless.  Then on a random trip through Victoria's Secret, I happened across the dress pictured above.  The fabric feels like an incredibly comfortable, worn-in t-shirt.  the way it sits on my hips makes it look like I have a waist, but it doesn't accentuate my short torso, I love the cross-back design.... I'd finally found it!  It is from their Supermodel Essentials collection, but it doesn't appear VS is selling it online yet.  However, if you're looking for the best maxi dress EVER, I'd highly recommend you make you way to the nearest mall and snatch one of these babies up.  I never buy multiples of anything, but I actually bought two of these, one in black and one in navy because I loved it that much.  And I wear them all the time.  The situation with the drapey cross back was a bit of a conundrum bra-wise, but I snagged two of these sports bras from Target and they work perfectly with the casual weekend look I'm going for! 

(dress picture from here)

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