Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brotherly Disappointment

3/4 sleeve raglan shirt | hat | royal blue tee | navy blue tee
I got a surprise call from my brother today during my lunch hour and while I had it on my mind, I asked him if he had an extra Chicago Cubs t-shirt and/or hat that I could borrow for the Astros vs Cubs game I'm going to with friends on September 12.  My request was met by icy, and I do mean icy, silence followed by his very tight voice conveying a strong tone of disappointment as he explained that, as a Chicagoan, I need to be owning such a piece of clothing, not borrowing one.  Wow.  Probably best I don't mention that I don't own any Bears or Bulls shirts either...

He said he might have a shirt that's too small on him that he could give to me, but no loaning was permissible.  In the event his strong Chicago heart just can't bear to hand over a piece of Cubs clothing, I have dug up some emergency back-up options to purchase.  Just to make my brother proud....

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