Monday, June 6, 2011

What A Weekend!

I took Friday off of work to drive to south Florida with my friend R for night 1 of her birthday extravaganza weekend.  We met up with one of her friends for a delicious sushi dinner and followed that up with a live stage performance of one of my favorite movies: Hedwig and the Angry Inch!  It was awesome.
After the show we went out to a bar that was hosting a gay weekend (as most gay friendly establishements in Florida were doing due to Disney's Gay Days weekend) where we shmoozed with drag queens, drank, danced, and had a ton of fun!
We crashed at R's parent's place that night and drove back up on Saturday.  I was home for about 3 hours, most of which I spent napping, before I hopped back into my car and headed out to Orlando for night 2 of R's birthday extravaganza where the weekend theme of drag queens continued.  We went to a restaurant in Orlando called Hamburger Mary's, where they host a drag show on the first Saturday of every month.  The performances were all great, with my personal favorite being Lady Gaga:
After dinner and the show I declined another late night of partying and headed back home to sleep in my own bed.  I woke up semi-early (for me on a weekend at least) on Sunday so J and I could head BACK OUT to Orlando for the Orlando Farmer's Market, where the Top Chef tour was making a stop!  Despite the long wait list we actually managed to get into the tent where 2 of the chefs from previous seasons, Eli Kirshstein from Season 6 in Vegas and Kenny Gilbert from Season 7 in D.C, competed against each other in a 15 minute quickfire battle.
Here's a picture of Kenny and if you look to the left of the table, you can see J in a blue shirt and sunglasses!  We did get to taste the food and it was good, but J thinks the food we make at home is just as good.  The farmer's market is located next to Lake Eola so J and I stocked up on some snacks and drinks at the market and then went for a lovely and leisurely walk around the lake before heading home.  Overall it was a busy, but incredibly fun weekend!

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