Tuesday, June 14, 2011

High/Low Accesories

There are many things I lust after that are either priced out of my budget or not worth what they are listed for.  I've been lucky enough lately to run into cheaper versions that are nearly identical to the lust versions and I'm thrilled to share some of my finds with you:
High | Low
The high end bag on the left is by a brand called FleaBags and, despite the sketchy name, the bags are simple and gorgeous.  However, spending $440 on any bag, let alone one made of canvas, is simply not an option for me.  To be fair, I did find a version on sale here, but $289 is still more than should be spent on a canvas bag.  I recently discovered this more affordable version of the bag at, believe it or not, Home Depot's website!  They look so similar with the exception of the leather vs canvas bottoms.  And at $60, the tool bag version is definitely much more affordable!
high | low
I first mentioned this hair bow back in April in a post about French-inspired fashion, however I think that $67 for a hair barrette is ridiculous and so it was never purchased.  I recently found a similar barrette at Anthropologie (one of my favorite sites) for just under half the price!  Too bad I can't actually wear a barrette anymore since I recently chopped off 10 inches of my hair...
high | low
Chanel nail polishes tend to be the rage every season and they set the bar for what nail colors are going to be the most popular.  This spring that color was Black Pearl, a black base with pearlescent blue, teal, and purple tones.  But since nail polish inevitably chips on my nails within a day, $37 for a bottle of polish didn't seem worth the splurge.  I was meandering through my local Walgreen's the other day and I found a display with Revlon's new colors and sure enough a cheaper option (nearly identical despite the different appearances in the pictures above) was available for a mere $4.00!  I'm already wearing it on my toes and I love the color!  You can't buy it online, but check out your local drugstore.
Clockwise from upper left: high | low 1 | low 2 | low 3
I've also discussed these bracelets before in my DIY post where I write about modifying a necklace DIY into a bracelet version.  The upper left bracelet is the original inspiration for my DIY.  However, for those of you who don't have the time/inclination/significant other with a large supply of paracord, there are other options that don't cost the $150 of the Proenza Schouler original.  Low price options 1 and 2 are from Etsy sellers.  The stock from option 1 is empty now, but she works with some fabulous color combinations and it's worth checking back to see if the shop has been re-stocked.  Coming in at around $20 apiece, these are by far a more affordable option!

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