Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Although I definitely did get to spend a wonderful time visiting with my friend N, one of my college roomies, and her family this weekend, I didn't quite get everything else done that I was hoping to.  Rather, I didn't get anything else done this weekend (with the exception of a non-planned trip to the outlet mall in Orlando where I probably spent more money than I should have...).  So now I'm making it my mission to do the following this week:
  1. Get rid of old litter boxes (I got my cats an awesome new automatic cleaning one!) 
  2. Clean the floors and bathrooms
  3. Pick up piles of clothes littering my bedroom floor
  4. Make a fruity desert.  I might still go the crumble route, but I'm also toying with the idea of an apple tart similar to this one but using pre-packaged puff pastry - so much easier
  5. Do my DIY projects that have been building up.  Namely the lion belt and modified necklace/bracelet
  6. Finish the watercolor painting that I started nearly 2 months ago...
 It doesn't sound like a ton of stuff, but I also have to find time to try to start stretching/exercising so I don't pull another muscle and I'm on my own food-wise this week.  Let's see how much I can cross off my list!!

(photo from here)

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