Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Discovery Rolled Out to the Launch Pad

Last night at 8:00 pm, the shuttle stack for STS-133 rolled out to the launch pad ... again.  This was the second roll out for this mission after the shuttle was rolled back due to cracking in the external fuel tank foam.  Since I'm working a late shift this week, I was around to watch the awesome sight in person.  Shuttle events that happen at night have far more of a visual impact and I couldn't stop commenting on how absolutely amazing it is to watch.  Nights like last night are what truly make my job so incredible!
This photo I took with my iPhone just as the vehicle started to roll out of the Vehicle Assembly Building.  I took a number of other photos as well and they turned out really good, but my coworker brought a Canon SLR and her's were better...
Here is the shuttle about 10 minutes into the roll while it's still in the VAB.  Since we are lucky enough to be shuttle program employees we had free reign of the inside of the VAB and we ran from platform to platform to get as many angles as possible.  At this point, people who are standing outside can only see the big orange tank, not the orbiter.

Ok, this one was taken by me with my phone again.  After the vehicle rolls out it is illuminated by super powerful xenon lights.  This is the shadow of the shuttle on the wall of the VAB.
And here she is in all of her glory!  My baby, Discovery, in the xenon spot lights, making her way out to the launch pad for a, hopefully, February 24 4:00 pm launch!

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