Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wrap It Up

I love wrapping holiday gifts.  Even though I hate waste, I can't still can't forgo using beautiful new wrapping papers and tons of ribbons, ornaments, and bells.  I usually wait until the end of the season sales or stalk Target and Ikea's gift wrapping sections for deals, but lately my attention has been drawn to a number of other options:

Anthropologie has started offering wrapping paper and decorations on their website.  As much as I love Anthro, though, I just can't stomach spending $16 on what is essentially yarn.  But I will be using their beautiful pictures as wrapping inspiration and, as I do with all Anthro things I love, wait to see if any it goes on sale.
Felt and Wire Shop is a new discovery of mine.  They have really unique patterns in beautiful, vivid colors (I'm really loving that hot pink architectural design).  They also offer pretty reuseable fabric options, which may help to alleviate my wrapping paper guilt.  The prices are ok and I have a feeling I just may have to cave in...
Snow & Graham is known for their beautiful prints and paper products.  Their calendars are immensely popular and while perusing those, I noticed they have a wrapping paper section.  True to form, the prints are simply gorgeous.  Definitely a bit pricier than I'm used to spending on wrapping paper, but still priced low enough for a splurge!

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