Monday, December 13, 2010

Foolproof Gift Idea

Everyone will always love gifts of food (with the possible exception of my friend K who is on an elimination diet in which she can't eat wheat or sugar and idiot that I am, I gave her Kinder Bueno bars last time I saw her...).  But aside from brain farts like that, it's always a good way to go.  This year I have decided to make my food gifts at home.  I already tackled a double batch of chocolate chip cookies last week and chocolate covered pretzels and nut bark are on the agenda for this week.  In the event you don't have quite as much free time or inclination as me, here is my absolute favorite food gift website: Zingerman's

Their cheese selection is phenomenal.  Any of their individual or cheese packages alone with a loaf of their homemade bread would be a fantastic gift idea.
They are also known for their baked goods and they have a huge selection.  Due to my egg yolk aversion I am unable to consume most of it, but I have tried their chocolate orange passover torte and their macaroons and they were so incredible that they actually make me look forward to giving up bread for a week in the spring...
And finally, the gift I have given previously to wild reviews, their special Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread. Based on my earlier ravings about Nutella, I am obviously crazy about this particular flavor combination.  And when I visited K, said gift recipient, and tried it, I was sold - it was delicious.

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