Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rocket Inspiration

Since I work in a a cubicle farm it was absolutely necessary for me to spruce up my work area.  I have some gorgeous shuttle posters hanging as well as a shuttle mock up I got when I won my Space Flight Awareness award and a mission pin and patch for every mission that has launched since I've been here.  While here I've also accumulated an awesome number of other shuttle related posters and flags and such and ever since the collection started to grow I've been inspired to, one day when I have a house big enough to do so, dedicate an entire room to a space theme.  In addition to my poster collection I've also saved links to other awesome rocket paraphernalia that I may one day be able to use:
This is an incredible 12 x 9 foot entire wall mural.  How incredible to be the one who saw that view...
These are some fantastic vintage looking wall hangings that qualify more as art as opposed to the photography that dominates my space themed decorations.  
Speaking of vintage, this is the most incredible wallpaper I have ever seen.  Of course it's not actually for sale, I found it on this blog.  If I ever saw it, though, you can bet I would buy up as many rolls as I could.  So gorgeous!
And finally, because so far everything has been for the wall, an awesome solar system mobile.

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