Friday, August 8, 2014

Have a Lovely Weekend!

After the craziness of the last few weekends, we're finally taking some time to relax!  We're going out tonight to Union Kitchen for their Houston Restaurant Weeks menu with a group of friends (let the month long foodie fest begin!) and then to a car meet up that S has requested to ogle some sports cars.  Tomorrow we have no plans!  We're definitely going to sleep in, that is a given for both days this weekend.  I have also recently been alerted to a nearby plant nursery that has a huge selection of fruit and citrus trees and I'm thinking I may need to take a trip over there as well since I've been wanting to finally get some citrus and avocado trees for the yard!  Sunday we currently don't have anything planned yet either, but my aunt is moving to Houston from Chicago this week and so we may spend the afternoon showing her around town, and swing by Trader Joe's to stock up on wine and frozen foods while we're in the area.  It's also Hatch Chili season and so a trip Central Market may be in the cards too... like I said, it's a month long foodie fest!  Other than those tentative plans, we are just going to chill out and probably do some more organizing around the house.  The prospect of getting rid of the mountains of boxes is quite exciting too!

(picture from here)

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