Friday, August 15, 2014

Have a Fun Weekend!

It's been a semi-busy week over here, but nothing super strenuous.  As you already know, I spent all evening on Monday whipping up delicious carrot and ricotta ravioli.  A bunch of people from our bowling league team couldn't make the game on Thursday, so we all pre-bowled together on Tuesday instead and I DID AWESOME!  I scored over 150 for all three games, which is pretty much unheard of for me and I was so stoked!  Wednesday I vacuumed the whole house, whipped up a super tasty chicken pineapple stir fry (more on that next week) and helped S prepare for a friend's bachelor party this weekend. And yesterday, after a failed attempt to get an oil change (the garage was getting ready to close when I arrived) I did nothing but polish off a new book (A Discovery of Witches), which was fun and oh so satisfying. I haven't finished (or started for that matter) reading a book in months and I really enjoyed getting lost in the story.  The second book of the trilogy should be arriving at the house today and I definitely plan to gorge on some more fun reading this weekend!

My other weekend plans include going out for happy hour after work today with B, finally getting that oil change on my car, finish hanging all of the remaining artwork, make a run into town for groceries at Central Market and Trader Joe's, meeting up with my aunt for lunch, and doing some cooking!  It sounds like a lot when I list it all out like that, but in reality  my weekend is actually pretty open and I'm looking forward to having some free time to just chill out and do things leisurely at my own pace.

In other news, this week Space Center Houston, the visitor center here at JSC, just mounted their shuttle replica on top of the huge Boeing 747 that was used to ferry the real space shuttle orbiters over the course of the shuttle program.  While I do scoff at the "fake" shuttle, I have to admit, having it mounted on the 747 is a pretty impressive display that people will not be able to see anywhere else.  So if you're in the Houston area, I highly recommend a visit to Space Center Houston to see this very cool monument to a program that I will always think of as the best job of my life...

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