Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun Weekend Plans and BINGO!

Last night S and I went to play bingo with friends at Voodoo Queen, a NOLA inspired bar with a swampy, voodoo vibe and ridiculously strong drinks.  Seriously, I only had 2 and I was definitely feeling it (I know I'm a light weight these days, but I can usually handle 2 drinks...).  Good thing S was driving! 

Playing bingo reminded me a lot of my great grandma.  She totally would have loved playing bingo with me while having a drink in a weird campy bar/restaurant (she was fun and spunky like that)!  GG was a special person and our entire family remembers her fondly and with so much love - quite  legacy to leave behind.  It always makes me happy to be reminded of her and I plan to carry that happy feeling with me through the weekend!  S and I are throwing a belated St. Paddy's Day party tomorrow too so the weekend is definitely looking up!  I put together an Irish themed playlist, we stocked up on Guiness and Whiskey, and I'm making a baked potato bar and chocolate stout cupcakes topped with irish cream frosting!  Yum!! 

I hope you have some fun weekend plans too - and if you don't come stop by the party!

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