Monday, January 20, 2014


Been busy lately and have a lot coming up too.  I know that the Germany trip was a whopping 3 months ago and I still don't have all of the pictures posted yet and so I probably shouldn't be posting "randomness", but I need something to mix it up every now and then.  And hence, randomness....
The pescatarian diet is going surprisingly well!  Although we've been craving a burger like crazy, we haven't yet succumbed to red meat's siren song!  We've been eating some very delicious, very healthy meals AND we've actually been working out about 3x/week with our p90x DVD's, so things are going well!  Some of the highlights from the month so far have been a make your own sushi night with B and J (it was SOOOOO yummy and way cheaper than a sushi restaurant.  though I admit we could use some help getting the sizing of the rolls right - we had issues fitting most of them in our mouths....), a crazy good kale salad that I pretty much crave daily now, and these chipotle black bean and sweet potato tacos that are so delicious that I swear we didn't even miss the meat.
In other news, we are having trouble staying put at home for extended periods of time, despite the fact that we were basically gone most of the winter and autumn months.  Although I'm admittedly pretty thrilled that S loves to travel as much as I do!  We have a ski trip (I just found this random ski cartoon comparing skiing in 1982 vs skiing in 2012 that has me cracking up) and a trip to Chicago (to see family, friends, and the Chicago car show) planned in the upcoming months.  So lots of cold weather and  yet, despite my southern blood, I can't wait!
This video is funny because it's true.  And if you're a 30-something you'll totally appreciate it as well.

Other randomness:
  • I was reading about barre workout classes and was thinking I wanted to try one.  But $20 for a single class when I can work out for free at home or the NASA gym seems a little steep...
  • Been dying to learn how to blow glass and I actually found a place in the Houston area that offers classes.  It's pretty pricy at $300 for 2 days, and I'm somewhat nervous given how generally clumsy I am (a bad combination with super hot molten glass...) but it would be one more thing I could cross off my life list.  They only offer classes in the cooler months since both Texas and the furnaces get super duper hot, so my time frame is limited.  I'll keep you updated.
  • I've been wanting to get back into art more in general lately.  My trip to Germany was REALLY inspiring me to start painting again.  Not to mention I still owe artwork to various family members - like my cousin who got married 8 years ago and wanted one of my copper tooling pieces....  Problem is, these all take time, which I don't ever seem to have much of anymore.  Thinking I will try to ease into it with smaller projects like this, this, or this first. (Did fit in some time to make one of these over the break too!)
  • Speaking of art, how mind blowing is this shadow art?!?

(top image from here, snowman pic here)

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