Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Tribute

So last night my brother's sweet, sweet dog Sierra died.  Which is horrible enough for most families to deal with when the dog is sick or old - our pets are a part of our family.  But Sierra was only 3 years old.  Some friends had been watching her for my brother and they came home yesterday to find her dead on their front porch - she had been shot...  I am just so completely torn up about it.  I've pretty much been crying since I found out.  Last night I cried so hard that I gave myself a bloody nose and this morning I was crying so much on my way into work that I had to detour over to S's house to recompose myself since I had basically cried off most of my makeup (hardly professional to show up to work still crying with puffy eyes and a red nose either...)  I'm all for "rights of the people", which in our country includes the right to bear arms, but knowing that someone this cruel would use that right to do something so horrible to such a sweet animal makes me sick.

Sierra was part pitbull, and I know that scares some people.  But her personality was anything but malicious.  She had the most loving and friendly disposition.  She wanted nothing more than to play, spend time with family, cuddle, and be loved.  Her pure excitement at seeing any one of us would always make me smile.  I called her my niece.  Sierra was a beautiful, sweet, and loving pet and we will always remember the joy she brought to our family and especially to my brother. 

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