Monday, June 10, 2013

Superheroes and Taco Binges

Friday night's yelp party was a lot of fun.  I dressed up as a vintage nurse and S went as Frank Castle of Punisher fame - some of the other costumes we saw were pretty phenomenal, though.  One guy was dressed as Quail Man from Doug (my fave) and there was a girl dressed as Rogue from X-Men (the white streak in her hair was real!) to name a few.  There were lots of good drink companies present, our favorite being the Deep Eddy Vodka booth (you seriously can't tell there's vodka in their sweet tea and grapefruit mixes....) and a bunch of local restaurants serving samples of things like sushi, tamales, pasta, and gelato.  Plus the Children's Museum of Houston is kind of awesome!  We got two free tickets to go back and we're psyched!  Fun party Yelp!
On Saturday we headed back over to S's place to get some stuff done around the house.  The bar is finally unpacked and looking awesome!  I also whipped up some crockpot cheddar beer tacos and a berry crumble and we had S's brother and nephew over for dinner.  The tacos smelled incredible but the taste didn't quite live up to the scent, so I think next time it needs a touch more salt, a more flavorful beer, and some fresh garlic...  And the crumble?  Holy crap, berries are INSANELY sweet and delicious right now - it was almost a sin to bake them, they tasted so good fresh.  But the crumble turned out wonderfully and also made a tasty (and slightly naughty) breakfast the following morning...
Sunday we hit up St. Arnold's Brewery for their 19th Anniversary party.  The barbecue was from Goode's and the brisket melted in my mouth.  I made it to round 3 of the Rock Paper Scissors tournament before being knocked out immediately by my last opponent.  We also made friends who had brought Cards Against Humanity and also happened to be from Chicago - go Chi-town connection!  Afterwards we hung out a Liberty Station with them and played some cornhole and giant jenga.  Overall a fun and productive weekend!

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