Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fight For Space - We Must Go

I found two videos on YouTube today that do my work on writing this post for me.  One is the trailer for a documentary that I would without a doubt go see called Fight for Space (and it exceeded it's goal on it's  kickstarter campaign, so apparently other people agree.  They also have a blog where they're documenting some of their progress).  It gives a brief overview of the current state of our space program, which is sub par, and briefly goes into what we need to excel.  The trailer covers statements from politicians and experts in the space field (including Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson) - it becomes very obvious where the disconnects are...
The second video shows what is being worked on, but is struggling to meet goals in the face of poor political support and underfunding.  We need to get these craft to work to continue our goals in space exploration - we must go.
So please - support space exploration.  Let your politicians know you do.  Increase the awesome...

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