Monday, August 8, 2011

Girls' Week in NYC

I just spent most of last week up in New York City with my Aunt and Cousin for some girl time.  Actually, some of the best parts of the trip were meeting up with other family members who live up in the area for lunches, dinners, and candy shop runs.  I had no idea I had so many family members up there!  But we got our fair share of girliness in as well, including trips to all of the major department stores to check out the shoe sales as well as the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met.  It was fantastic. 
Anyway, that's why I was (once again) MIA from the blog last week.  I'm back now, though!  I leave you with a final picture of my dream shoes from Saks (they are by Valentino and too expensive to even mention...)

Oh, and sorry for the slightly blurry photos, but I was using my iphone.

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