Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friends, Food Trucks, and Fun

Sorry I missed my post yesterday, I was recovering from a wonderful weekend spent mostly out in Orlando.  On Saturday, my friend R and I drove out to meet up with friends and spent the night partying at Mr. Sisters where oogled our hot bartender, drank creamsicle flavored concoctions (perhaps a few too many...), and danced until they kicked us out :o)
The following day we split up for a little while.  I headed over to Millenia Mall and got some killer deals!  A pair of flare pants at Gap for $11 (originally 70!), as well as a pair of sneakers for $11 as well and a skirt for $30 (originally 120!) at Talbots.  Afterwards I met back up with R and we headed up to Oviedo for a Food Truck Festival!  
I know food trucks are the hot new culinary thing, but I didn't realize we had any in the Orlando area.  So it was a pretty fun dinner of food truck discoveries and experimentations.  We started with Pupusas, which are kind of like cornmeal pancakes filled with cheese, beans, and a meat or vege, and were probably my favorite.  I then made my way over to another truck where I partook of a sandwich of prosciutto, butterkase cheese, and cranberry jalapeno jam on a brioche roll.  The jam was amazing.  I finished up my dinner portion of the meal at the Korean Taco truck with a spicy pork taco bento box.  Not sure why I went with spicy, since that's not really my thing, though it was tasty.  I just had to drink a lot of water with it. I always have to end my meal with something sweet, so I hit up an italian ice cart where I got a small scoop of the blueberry flavor.  It was really good, but as it typical with blue foods, turned my mouth a rather smurf-y shade...
R and I ended our weekend jaunt with a quick trip to Whole Foods before we headed back to the coast.  I was thrilled to stock up on pink gerber daisies, golden beets, these absolutely incredible key lime gelato sandwiches, cheeses, and some mussels which I plan to steam in white wine for dinner tonight.  Overall a fantastic weekend!

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