Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Wedding Recap: The Unofficial Pictures!

Minus a few minor blips on the day of our wedding (S had shirt issues, generally running a bit late, cookie table took longer to set up than expected), it was overall a fantastic day.  The weather was phenomenal, the ceremony was perfect, everyone claimed that the reception was fun, the food was good, and the cookie table was awesome, and S and I also managed to generally enjoy ourselves and take the time to take it all in.

In the morning, the ladies went to get manis/pedis and the loaded up the cars with the centerpieces and cookies.  The guys dropped the alcohol off at the venue and then spent the morning at Top Golf for some food and entertainment.  I can't really speak for the guys after that, they all did their own thing to get ready.  The ladies headed over to the venue to get ready in our own little cottage, eat some lunch, and set up the cookie table.

Then S and I headed outside for our "first look".  Everyone was peering out the window of the cottage to watch and it was quite sweet.

Then everyone came out and we proceeded with family and bridal party photos.


Guests started to arrive, so we all filtered back to our respective starting locations and got ready for the ceremony.  This was perhaps the most nerve wracking part of the day because it was just sitting and waiting.  And some more picture taking.

And then it was finally time to get married!  As I said above, the ceremony was lovely and so meaningful.  We really loved that our brothers were the ones who married us and that our bridal party, parents, and grandparents were able to participate.  Even though we'd requested no photos during the ceremony, a few people snuck a shot or two.
After the ceremony, S and I went back to the cottage with the bridal party and our officiants to sign the marriage license and then everyone left so we could have our first dinner and a few minutes of alone time as husband and wife.  I'm glad we got a chance to chat and eat a bit before the reception and have a moment of quiet together.  The reception started with our first dance and the hora (no pictures of this...) and then everyone was seated at their tables and we all gave our speeches. 

After the speeches, the guests all got their food and we proceeded to mingle and then get all of the respective sides of the families together for group pictures (like herding cats....) Then we had the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, and the (slightly less successful) two step lesson.

And then it was time to party!  There was dancing, drinking, talking, the cookie table, and of course our traditional tequila shots with grandma!

More pictures to come when the official photos from the photographer arrive!

(Thank you so much to our friends and family that took these pictures, especially my cousin C, who was my official getting ready photographer!)

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