Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What a Weekend!!

We interrupt this extremely delayed overview of the past 2 months to bring you this breaking news: S and I are engaged!!!!  He asked me to marry him on Saturday and OF COURSE I said yes!  We've been smiling ear to ear all weekend since then.  Get ready for a Houston wedding in 2016!
And he did an amazing job planning out the whole evening too.  I was so surprised - oblivious even.  I did not see it coming!  In fact, the way he worked it out, I almost planned it all myself without even knowing.  That is some skill, my friends.  Here's our engagement story for those of you who are curious:

I mentioned to S last week that there were a couple of exhibits coming to the Houston art museum in the next year that I wanted to see and he commented on how we also hadn't been to the Menil art museum in a while.  We used to go all the time back when I lived in town and we'd picnic on the lawn next to the giant red jack sculpture and then walk through the museum.  It was our thing.  So I agreed and said we should go this weekend and since it was still Houston Restaurant Weeks we could also go eat at Bistro Menil afterwards.  Reservations were made.

So on Saturday evening we drove to the Menil and walked through the exhibits.  S was cool as a cucumber, no visible nerves or anything so I never suspected a thing.  We also walked down to the Rothko chapel and this new exhibit that was totally amazing called the Infinity Machine.  After we finished with the art exhibits, he commented on how we should take some pictures at the big red jack sculpture (it had moved during construction of the restaurant and this was the first time we'd been back that the jack was back on display).  So I climbed up onto the jack (which is totally allowed - we weren't breaking any rules) and he took a few pictures of me with his phone.  Then he said he wanted to use my phone to take some more pictures.  It was on the ground in my purse and there was no way I was climbing down in my short dress to get it and then climbing back up onto the sculpture again, so I asked if he could get it from my purse himself.  He knelt down to get it from my purse, but when I looked down to get the phone, he was holding up a diamond ring instead!  I don't think he even asked the question, I just started babbling "yes" and tearing up...
He had also recruited our friends N and H to hide in the bushes paparazzi style and capture pictures of the whole thing!  He did such a good job planning this all out!!
After we hugged, kissed, smiled ear-to-ear, and posed for a few pictures in front of the jack, we had our dinner at Bistro Menil.  And after dinner we called my parents to share the good news.  Actually, I texted my mom a picture of my newly adorned left hand and she immediately called me back to confirm that it was indeed my hand.  We called his parents on our way home.  Needless to say, both of our families are thrilled!
And speaking of my new jewelry, S did an AMAZING job picking out the ring.  I love it so much.  Everyone who sees it says that it's "so me".  I'm feeling so lucky right now!


  1. Gee...Rachel...you had me tearing up over here as I read your sweet, romantic, and incredibly wonderful news of your special moment!! I am more than happy for you and S and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEDDING!! lol! I wish you and S a lifetime of love and happiness!! I love you my niece and my new nephew!! See you soon!! Love, Aunt Di <3 P.S...Your ring is gorgeous and it IS..."SO YOU"!!! Great job, Scott!! (thumbs up)!! lol

  2. Congratulations you two! We are so very happy for you! Your story was very sweet and touching. Count us in for the wedding! We cant wait to celebrate with you guys! Have a fabulous time planning, it's a fun ride. -Julie, Chris and Finnegan Carroll (Austin)