Friday, January 16, 2015

Have a Lovely Weekend!

I didn't have time for a proper post this week due to the on-orbit toxic emergency on the ISS on Wednesday followed by all of the associated follow up work yesterday and today.  The bottom line is there were a series of inconvenient failures that made mission control believe that there may have been a toxic ammonia leak onboard the US side of the ISS.  It turned out that there was absolutely no ammonia that leaked into the ISS and it was a false alarm, but getting to that point took a lot of critical evaluation of the data.  And a number of systems are automatically switched off as part of a standard emergency response, so we had a lot to program back to normal afterwards.  We actually had 24/7 on-console support since 5 am Wednesday morning to support the issue and the aftermath, so it's definitely been busy.  Luckily I was scheduled for console support this week, so that means I got the mostly normal shift times.  Unluckily I'm also on-call this week, so I was the one who got the 5 am wake-up call on Wednesday.  Thankfully all is well on orbit now and we aren't required to support through the weekend. 

Next week I'm hoping to post about the elimination diet that S and I have been following for the month of January (me to re-set my fussy digestive system and S because he's just a good sport and always a fan of delicious, healthy food).  In the meantime I'm looking forward to a mostly relaxing weekend (I'm on call still and have my fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong on orbit!)  S got me stained glass classes for one of my holiday presents and we're going to our second class tomorrrow.  I'll be sure to post about the results of the class after we finish next weekend!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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