Friday, October 10, 2014

Have an Entertaining Weekend!

Tomorrow is S's birthday and so we're going to be spending this weekend celebrating!  It will be a weekend filled with all of S's favorite things including birthday pancakes (yes, there are candles and whipped cream involved),  throwing a "party" during which he and his car friends will be installing a super charger on his BRZ, a barbecue with family and friends, plenty of yard games and beer, and getting to sleep in on Sunday (he's going to be FAR too excited about the super charger install on Saturday to sleep in - think kid on Christmas...).  I'm not well versed enough in cars to work on the engine with S and his friends, so I plan to contribute by whipping up some of S's favorite foods for the "party" including my famous guacamole, S's favorite kale salad, and of course a delicious cake!  So Happy Birthday S, and may you have a fantastic weekend!

(images from here, here, and here)

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