Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beer, Pizza, and Sleep

So the weekend didn't quite go as planned, but we still had a great time as usual!  Despite the fact that I didn't sleep very well on Thursday night, and the fact that normally I'm crawling into bed exhausted around 10:30 on a typical Friday night, S and I for some reason were up abnormally late on Friday night watching tv (one episode left of True Detective!) and reading.  So we decided to just sleep in and enjoy our Saturday morning instead of trying to get up early and do everything.  I made a very healthy veggie and feta egg white scramble for breakfast, we lounged in bed, and then leisurely got ready for the day, heading out around 1:30 to hit up the Texas Beer Refinery grand opening in League City!  A bunch of friends showed up, we brought games (although our new favorite is this phone app, which had us all in stitches!), there was a tasty food truck present, and beer was very flavorful - a great afternoon!  We are pretty psyched to now have a brewery so close to S's place!
On Friday night I used my new stand mixer for the first time to whip up some homemade pizza dough!  I, of course, used the Alton Brown recipe - after kneading, the dough is supposed to rest in the fridge for 18-14 hours.  So on Saturday after we got home from the brewery, I sectioned off the dough and stretched it out, cut up a bunch of tasty toppings, and S and I made homemade pizzas for dinner!  The leftovers of the pizza I made are in the top half of the picture above and S's are in the bottom.  We both used zucchini, mushrooms, broccoli, and sausage.  S also added banana peppers and artichoke hearts to his.  The main difference, though, I used a combination of pesto and whipped ricotta for my sauce where S used tomato sauce and only a tiny bit of the ricotta mixture on his.  I know that I avoid the tomato for digestive reasons, but it really does make a pizza taste better.  Next time I just may suck it up and go for the tomato sauce anyway.  Both pizzas were good, though!

After dinner we swung by the pool party in S's neighborhood to say hi and then we headed into town to crash at my place and give the kitties some attention.  After sleeping in on Sunday morning we FINALLY got around to going out for brunch, this time at Triniti.  The food wasn't ground breaking, but it was definitely tasty.  Afterwards we ran a couple of errands and then headed to S's house where we took a nap and then did some chores and I made some Szechuan Green Beans to take as our pot luck offering to the weekly Game of Thrones viewing party (good episode this week!).  We crashed pretty shortly after getting home.  Not sure why we were first so wide awake and then so tired this weekend...

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