Friday, September 6, 2013

It Happens in 3s

Sorry for the radio (blog?) silence this week, but it's been a doozy.  The hardware I'm in charge of for work failed on orbit on Saturday, so this week at work has been insane.  I worked a little over 5 hours of overtime on Saturday, and I've been completely totally packed schedule-wise all day, every day, since Tuesday trying to troubleshoot, update management, and prepare for the faulty part to be removed and replaced sometime in the next week.  All on top of my regular work.

But that's not all - yesterday I got a double dose of more bad news in the form of a pinched nerve/muscle in my neck and my cat deciding that she didn't want to use the litter box anymore (because I really wanted to be stressed outside of work too).  So I'm on an acupuncture and methol patch regiment, she's started up her kitty prozac prescription again, and everyone is just overall medicated and frazzled....

I'll try to start posting regularly again when things calm down around here.  In the meantime, here's to a (hopefully) enjoyable, relaxing weekend....

(pictures from here, here, and here)

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