Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chocolate Fix

When I can't get my hands on one of my mom's homemade yolk-less chocolate chip cookies or a homemade truffle/chocolate covered pretzel/etc, I have no qualms about making the jump to store bought chocolates. 
Three of my favorites are Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Whole Hazelnuts, No Pudge Fudge (an egg-free brownie), and Kinder Bueno bars - a candy bar I discovered in Europe consisting of a chocolate coated wafer filled with hazelnut cream.  Yes, it's a little hazelnut heavy, but that's my particular flavor profile preference.  The Ritter Sport is virtually guilt free as it is dark chocolate (anti-oxidants!) and has nuts (healthy fats!), plus it can be chunked into 16 mini squares that can break up the calorie intake a bit, if you have the willpower...  The No Pudge Fudge only requires the addition of a container of yogurt, so it's super easy to make, and it is also deliciously fudgy and tastes best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.   Mmmmm.  As for the Kinder Buenos, these are my kryptonite.  They're becoming a bit more popular in the States and an usually be found at european food stores or if you're lucky, like me, the import food aisle at your local grocery store.  It's dangerous...
When I go to the mall, it's virtually impossible to stop me from swinging by Godiva Chocolatier and picking up a few Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles.  They're by far my favorite offering at the store.  And if I'm feeling particularly naughty, I can find the ice cream version at the grocery store every now and then.  Absolutely sinful and ridiculously fattening as I can rarely hold myself to the recommended serving size...

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