Friday, March 25, 2011


In direct competition with my penchant for simple French chic is my undying love of quirky.  I love vintage kitsch and unique frills and details.  And since the weather here has reached the point at which I can no longer wear long sleeve tops without breaking a sweat (my determination of when "spring in Florida" has arrived), I've been enjoying a few days of perfect warm weather before the humidity kicks up and the mosquitos return.  In honor of the weather and in homage to quirk, here are some of my favorite new warm weather pieces that have hit the stores recently:
 Breezy white summer skirts with fun colorful detail are perfect for the warm weather.  I love the color combo on the skirt on the left, it's just off enough to qualify as quirky.  And the wonderful mish mash of brightly random shapes on the other skirt is so fun!
Maxi dresses are making a come back this year along with the 70's trend and the dress on the right is a funky mix of 70's floaty top with a prairie skirt bottom and an 80's-ish pattern that still works with the trend.  And when the weather gets muggy, nothing feels better than a light breeze, which this floaty dress on the left with the weird crane pattern will take full advantage of.
And what better way to escape the drab browns, greys, and blacks of winter than with brightly colored flats for spring?  I love these bright pink and turquoise versions, which both have a little bit of neutral to ground them

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